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When most people think of divorce, often the first thing that comes to mind is exorbitant legal fees. In fact, some New York divorce attorneys do end up escalating the cost of a matrimonial case with unnecessary litigation, imposing an expensive financial burden on clients.

New York divorce lawyer Jeff McAdams believes in a different approach. He knows that going through a divorce is often the most stressful event in a client’s life. And that’s why he’s committed to getting the job done as cost-effectively as possible.

Jeff has an outstanding track record of over 20 years in practice, and has consistently achieved beneficial outcomes for his matrimonial clients. You can learn more about Jeff McAdams’ approach to handling divorce cases in these two Special Reports published by McAdams Law. They’re completely FREE. Just click to download your complimentary copies:

Experienced Representation
Successful Results for Clients

Like everyone who goes through a divorce, you want a seasoned matrimonial attorney who can protect your rights and deliver the end result you’re looking for, at a rate you can afford. McAdams Law provides legal representation, at reasonable fees, in all these areas:

  • contested and uncontested divorces
  • separation agreements
  • maintenance payments
  • child custody, visitation and support
  • temporary orders and agreements
  • property division and distribution of assets
  • debt division and resolution
  • spousal support and child support modification proceedings
  • custody and visitation modification proceedings
  • interstate and international custody disputes
  • parental kidnapping
  • pension, 401k plan and government benefits distribution
  • adultery
  • domestic violence, stalking and orders of protection
  • closely held business considerations for the self-employed
  • settlement agreements
  • prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • annulment
  • appeals

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If you decide to schedule an in-person consultation for additional discussion, McAdams Law is conveniently located in lower Manhattan.

You can reach attorney Jeffrey McAdams at 212-406-5145. Call now for your free initial phone consultation.

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