Who do you want in your corner
when the stakes are dangerously high?

Incredibly, although her ex-spouse was making over $300,000 a year, she and her 10-year old daughter were receiving only $350 a month in child support. When she first called McAdams Law, she sounded strained, frightened and overwhelmed. It’s not easy to support any child on that amount of money in New York City, but her ex didn’t seem to care about that. He was more interested in the profits from his international commodities exchange business.

Jeff went to work on the case, which the client had initially attempted to handle by herself without success. First, he challenged the father’s “explanation” for why the company went out of business as soon as he was sued, and aggressively pursued upward modification of his child support obligation in court. In the petition, he requested educational expenses and attorneys fees. The result was that the client received child support that was five times higher, payment for her daughter’s private education through high school, including college and graduate school studies, and coverage of all her legal costs.

The future of this young mother and her daughter were substantially improved… dramatically changed for the better, through the intervention of one very skillful and compassionate New York divorce lawyer. That’s Jeff McAdams, who has successfully practiced law and delivered outstanding results for over 20 years.

“My goal is to provide clients with an expeditious legal resolution of their problems at a rate they can afford, so they can get on with their lives. The last thing anyone needs in a divorce is more stress, more expense and more of the kind of conflict that can injure children,” says Jeff.

Jeff has found that intelligent negotiation is often the most cost-effective approach to settling marital differences. Of course, fighting in court is always an option he reserves when necessary. But unlike some matrimonial attorneys, who will escalate the cost of a breakup by being overly combative, Jeff achieves successful outcomes through strategy, legal agility and efficiency. It’s a philosophy born of having witnessed the financial and emotional carnage wrought by an acrimonious divorce. It’s also an approach that yields major cost-saving benefits even when court action is required.

A good example of that is when Jeff represented a man who was embroiled in a child support lawsuit, which had already dragged itself out for seven years. After he was arrested for being in arrears on support payments, he retained McAdams Law. Jeff proved he’d never received the Family Court papers, got the case dismissed and the judgment voided. The man was released from jail, and saved literally tens of thousands of dollars. In this instance, Jeff’s adroit and rapid handing of procedural issues won major tactical advantages in court, and ultimately saved the day. The client was now free: from jail, from unjustifiable support payments, and from excessive legal fees.

Clearly, when the stakes are high in a matrimonial or family law case, you want an experienced fighter who can get the job done, without burying you financially. It’s the kind of representation clients rely on Jeff for, and that makes them grateful to have found him.

Jeff graduated from Cornell University with a major in philosophy, and was awarded the distinguished cum laude designation for academic excellence. He subsequently earned his law degree from Cornell University Law School. He speaks Spanish.

He resides in New York City with his wife Katia and their son Gideon. As a husband and father himself, Jeff is committed to providing clients with service that is a genuine stepping-stone to the brightest and most satisfying future possible.