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Each McAdams Law Divorce Survival Tip is a very brief discussion of a particular legal point under New York State Domestic Relations Law. It is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. It is not possible to cover all contingencies that can arise in a limited written explanation or treatment of any legal principle, and you should consult with an experienced New York Matrimonial attorney on your situation.

Site Disclaimer

Tips and Reports, and any other information at the nydivorcelawyermcadams.com site, are for informational purposes only. These discussions cannot cover every contingency or circumstance. Standing alone they are not “legal advice.” Use them to prepare for meetings with your lawyer and as an orientation to Matrimonial, Divorce and Family Law issues. The details of every case are different, so any results discussed do not predict similar outcomes for you even if you believe that your facts are the same. Consult an attorney before you try to implement strategies based on these Reports. Matrimonial, Divorce and Family Law are constantly changing, through legislation and judicial precedent interpreting those laws. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. The cases described herein are included for the purpose of illustrating the relevant principles only. Tips and Reports can not reflect all subsequent legal developments, decisions, or settlements; Jeffrey C. McAdams, Esq. expressly disclaims liability for actions taken or not taken based solely on these Tips and Reports.

Contacting McAdams Law through the Internet is not necessarily secure; it may not be confidential. Moreover, accessing the nydivorcelawyermcadams.com website, Tips, or Reports online does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Jeffrey C. McAdams, Esq. Only an express agreement between Jeffrey C. McAdams and you creates the attorney-client relationship with him. Jeffrey C. McAdams attempts to answer questions sent to McAdams Law by email; his doing so does not make Jeffrey C. McAdams, Esq. your attorney, however.

McAdams Law and the Tips and Reports may have links to other resources on the Internet to help you find useful information. Yet McAdams Law can not endorse or take responsibility for third-party content on the Web. Human or mechanical errors and other factors are always possible.

If any part of this disclaimer is found not apply to you or if state provisions overrule any portion of it, the rest shall be deemed severable and shall remain valid and enforceable. New York State Law governs the terms of this Disclaimer, which may only be amended in writing.

The ideas, concepts and principles set forth in this Report are the work of Jeffrey C. McAdams, Esq. However, outside professional writing assistance was employed in preparing it, including services for structuring, drafting and editing this document.

These Reports do not claim that all or most divorcing spouses or Matrimonial, Divorce or Family Law attorneys engage in the practices it describes; those are isolated incidents. Nevertheless such injuries occur to the potential detriment of the adverse parties.

The Reports, Tips and site content attempt to explain situations and trends by showing the influences divorcing spouses and parents experience. They raises issues and principles as guidance for people contemplating or involved in divorce, to help avoid such pitfalls. And the Reports, Tips and site content are not a criticism of Courts or Court Personnel. They merely attempts to advise people of problems to watch out for. The lesson is to be vigilant and to fight for your rights!

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