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There are times when you have to go to court to enforce your rights in a divorce. You then want to be represented by a skillful, experienced matrimonial litigator who knows how to get results without subjecting you to exorbitant legal fees. The overall goal is to achieve the best outcome possible, quickly and cost-effectively, and to guard your children from the trauma of a brutalizing divorce experience.

That’s why clients hire Jeff McAdams to protect their legal interests. With over 20 years of successful experience litigating cases in the New York courts, he has consistently demonstrated the thoroughness, strategic insight and tenacity that distinguishes every excellent trial attorney. When the only way a problem can be solved is a court battle, clients feel confident in knowing that Jeff is a fierce litigator, with many triumphs to his credit.

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Guarding Your Rights in Divorce Court…

Sometimes court action has to be initiated very rapidly. In that instance, Jeff will draft and file the necessary papers to assert your rights immediately. Decisiveness is the key to success, because if a case drags on, it is more likely that marital resources, evidence and witnesses will become less accessible. McAdams Law makes a point of keeping tight control over your case, so matters can be brought to a successful conclusion as soon as possible. Here’s an example…

Jeff helped a mother whose ex-husband drove a cab. He was responsible for paying child support for their daughter, but reneged. He claimed to be impoverished and living on small amounts of cash from his work as a cabdriver, refusing to pay anything at all. Complicating matters, he allegedly had sexually abused his wife’s younger sister, compelling his wife to obtain an order of protection. When he subsequently violated the order, he was arrested. With thorough investigation, Jeff found he actually owned a restaurant and two for-hire vehicles. McAdams Law then served papers on him in jail, forcing him to pay more in child support than he even claimed to earn on his tax returns!

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