Why the approach to your case
is as important as the law that governs it...

The attorney who represents you in your divorce will have a major impact on your future. His or her representation will be a significant factor in determining whether matters will be resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, or if the case will become a long, drawn-out and very expensive court battle. While every New York divorce lawyer may know the law, practitioners can differ widely in the way they handle client matters.

These are three important elements that Jeff McAdams emphasizes in his approach to all of the matrimonial, child custody and family law cases he represents…

Saving you money…

Jeff believes in providing affordable legal representation to his clients. That means not only a reasonable hourly rate, but more critically, taking care not to escalate a case into unnecessary and costly litigation.

Maintaining a working relationship with your ex-spouse…

The reality is that after your divorce is finalized, there will still be a number of issues about which you will have to interact with your spouse, even if there are no children involved. Of course, if you do have children, then there will be significant contact. Jeff works hard to maintain a respectful relationship with your spouse and his or her lawyer. That way, when your case reaches closure, the effects of any lingering bitterness will be minimized.

Protecting your children…

McAdams Law makes the protection and well-being of children a priority item in representing you. Children suffer the most in a divorce. The less fighting and hostility there is, the better it is for your kids. Jeff knows how to guard your rights, and will litigate if necessary to protect you, without creating an unnecessarily acrimonious situation. Your kids will be better off for it in the long run.

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